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Lots of work on the new shop space in our old Folk Victorian we purchased for the shop.

I hope you’ll find a chance to come and visit us later this year!  We’ve missed our tribe!

We are not open in our new Brick and Mortar as yet (January 1, 2024).  We hope to reopen in February 2024 and  will let you all know when we are.

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Join us this winter as we stitch the beautiful Jannette Kirtland 1821 from Queenstown Sampler Designs.

Kits are available with Needlepoint Inc. Silk and Cosmo Floss.  DMC conversions are included in the chart.

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Rosa Parks – A free design from Sassafras Samplers

As we celebrate love and history this month of February, we wanted to share a design that we created using one of our fellow needlewomen, Rosa Parks.  Did you know that not only was Rosa brave and strong and beautiful inside and out, but she was a seamstress and a quilter?  We created this design to remember the stance she took for what was right during a time that was wrong, that in many ways, is still wrong.  Rosa’s legacy resonates for me, as a fellow needlewoman, as a hard working woman, as someone who believed that doing the right thing could make a difference in the world.  Rosa inspires me still, that there is work to be done, that we must choose every day, to do the right thing;  good choices by good people can, and will, change the world.   I hope you enjoy this design.  It was a joy for us to create, and it’s been a joy for me to stitch.

Click the picture above, or the link below, for a free download.

Rosa Parks – Sassafras Samplers



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Elisabeth Cooper, Jesus Wept Sampler

We are happy of heart to offer you this free downloadable sampler from our collection, and hope that you find both solace and renewed hope as you stitch with us and stitch for your friends.

Please click here to download:  Elisabeth Cooper, Jesus Wept

You can watch our video on the sampler here: Flosstube #21 Jesus Wept

You can find kits for Jesus Wept here:  Jesus Wept Kits

Oceans Wide

In our first newsletter, we gave away a small sampler that I found locally here in an antique shop.  It reads: “Tho Oceans Wide Between Us Roar, Tho Distant Be Our Lot, Tho Should I Never See Thee More, Dear Friend Forget Me Not.”  This was the perfect sentiment for the goal of our shop, to reach our friends near and wide, and offer them a place to belong.  You can still find this in our first newsletter, but we wanted to put it here for your as well.  During this very challenging times, we value our friends and our family most of all.  Please enjoy stitching this sweet sampler for yourself or a friend.

Click here to download:  Oceans Wide Chart

We’ve been working through our online workshop, Learning Stitches 2020.  We’re using the Learning Stitches book by Jeannette Douglas Designs as our base instruction manual and taking you through the details online in video and blog post format.  We’ll also be doing some Live Video sessions where we’ll take questions and work through any challenges you’re having.  You can find the link for the Online Product here:  Learning Stitches Online.   You’ll need to purchase this free product to get access to the available resources.  You can find our free video lessons on our YouTube channel Yonder Ways Sassy Jacks Stitchery.  You can jump in anytime!  We’d love to have you join us!!

To find additional freebies, please click the pic below:

New & Notable Arrivals

Margaret White 1841, Sassafras Samplers

Sassafras Samplers is so excited to announce the.pdf  release of our latest Reproduction Sampler, Margaret White 1841.   Margaret is a gorgeous little Scottish Sampler with some wonderful Dutch Motifs.  She’s very close to my heart as she was given as a wedding gift from some good friends and resided prior to that in the private collection of another friend, Lorraine Mootz.  She’s a great stitch on Aida or Linen, and we’ve created a series of kits using NPI silks and WDW Straw linen or a beautiful Aida from PTP.  I hope you’ll stitch Margaret with us and enjoy some warm thoughts about love and friendship.

Spooky Shakespeare: Adder’s Fork, Sassafras Samplers

We’re super excited to bring you the third in a series of four new original designs from our own design house, Sassafras Samplers.  This in Adder’s Fork, design No. 3 in the Spooky Shakespeare series from Sassafras Samplers.  The series takes the famous “Boil and Bubble, Toil and Trouble” scene from Macbeth and breaks it into four fun and spooky designs.  As an ode to the “Scottish” setting of Macbeth, we’ve surrounded each of the four designs in a border from one of our antique Scottish Samplers.  We’ve also included a little bonus chart for those who collect all four designs!  Each of the four designs has a band that when put together gives you a small original design “sampler”, also drawing from Macbeth.  This bonus chart also includes the borders from our Scottish Samplers.  I hope you’ll give this a try and enjoy the stitch!  We’ve kitted on Tin Roof from Weeks Dye Works and have this linen available in 32ct. through 40ct.  Click on Fenny Snake for all things Spooky Shakespeare!

Christian Henry 1816, Sassafras Samplers

We released another beautiful Scottish Sampler at our September Soiree, Christian Henry 1816.  Christian is a wonderful stitch with an alphabet at the top and a spot sampler section at the bottom.  There are some wonderful motifs in that spot motif section and some fabulous color.  Christian must have been a very imaginative and happy little girl.   We are so grateful to Jacob de Graaf,  of Modern Folk Embroidery, for so generously researching the genealogy of our Christian for us.    You can purchase all things Christian Henry 1816 by clicking on the picture of the sampler.

We’ve been adding lots of new items to our website!  Click the New Stuff picture to jump over and see the latest.  And thank you for visiting us!