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When I launched Sassy Jacks Stitchery, one of the most important goals I set was for us to be a teaching shop.  My vision was that we would create a learning space that was approachable and offer content that was of high quality.  I hope you find us always working toward those goals

Welcome to YonderWays!  YonderWays is the safe learning space of Sassy Jacks Stitchery… and we are so very glad you’re here.

YonderWays houses our “in-house” education programs, most of which are low cost online course offerings.

We want you to have the chance to learn and grow from wherever you are, whether you are living in another country, or a small town where there are no needlework shops,  or you are confined to your home for health or other reasons.

If you’re looking for designer led workshops, please check out our Workshops page under Retreats/Classes.  Information and registration documents are available for you there.

Click below for more information on our current YonderWays offerings:

Learning Stitches 2020 Online

Beginning Needlepoint Online