Witney Antiques Exhibition Catalogue: Choice and Precious Work Vol. 1


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The 2023 Witney exhibition catalog is their first hardcover book and features an extremely rare collection of treasures of the schoolroom from 1650-1750.

The main collection featured is the 1667/1668 casket worked by Elizabeth Hall while at the Shacklewell School outside Hackney.  Also featured on the cover!  The casket contains several small casket toys made by Elizabeth.  The family continued to add items to the box.  The box also came with a set of samplers made later by other family members and friends from their small Quaker group.

A wonderful podcast and online video tour of the collection is available on the Witney Antiques social media sites and is highly recommended as a great intro to this gorgeous book.

The 126-page book has full page photography, including fabulous information about each piece featured.

This book is quite heavy, so the price includes a few dollars of extra shipping.  The book will be shipped to you in a box to help protect it from damage during shipping.

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