Red February – Sassafras Samplers



Red February

Sassafras Samplers

Red February is available to download for free through the end of February 2022.

Stitch count: 70w x 254h
Model stitched with NPI 503, but any color red thread will work.
This sampler uses cross stitch over 2 threads and can be stitched on linen (over 1 or 2 threads) or on aida. 2 skeins of DMC/silk are required if stitching on 28ct over 2.

Click here for NPI silk by the 5m skein and select your color choice

Click here for NPI 503 hanks
Click here for NPI 504 hanks

Click here for red edge 4″ banding
Click here for red stripe 5.5″ banding

We are super excited to invite you to stitch red with us this February. We’ve created an adapted band sampler inspired by an antique featuring our favorite red stitches: Bristol Sampler motifs! Please do us the honor of stitching our band sampler with us during the month of February 2022, and sharing your progress on your social media and/or ours. Tag us in your posts with #stitchredwithsassyjacks and at the end of February, we will go on a search and accumulate the names of everyone who posted. We will select three winners for a kit and chart for a brand new Sassafras Sampler release (which will remain a secret until you win it!) and five more winners for the chart. It is a beauty and I know you will love it!

So here’s the skinny…
1. Download the free band sampler chart.
2. Start stitching! You can buy a kit with some banding and red thread from us, or you can kit from your stash.
3. Start posting your progress pics on our Sassy Jacks Stitchery Facebook page, Instagram, or your own social media on Facebook, Instagram, or your YouTube videos.
4. Join us each Friday at 7 pm Eastern Time for a Live Stitch Red With Sassy Jacks (optional, but fun!). Keep an eye on our YouTube for our live videos.
5. Check out our Release Video on Monday February 28th to see if you won, and what you won!

We will share some information with you about the Bristol Orphan Houses and George Müller. As a tribute to Mr. Müller’s faith that God will provide, we will make a financial donation to Manna Food Bank at the end of the month. The more of you that join in and stitch with us, the more we will donate. So #stitchredwithsassyjacks this February and show us your heart as we celebrate our love for our community of stitchers and our love for our larger community!

About the band sampler:
We begin, of course, with an adaptation of a gorgeous Bristol squirrel! We have then included a few alphabets. At the end of each alphabet, we left some space. In this empty space, we encourage you to stitch the initials of your stitching friends, family, or others who hold a place in your heart; this is what the orphans at the Bristol Orphan Houses would have done with that space. You might want to use the block alphabet for those sets of initials. You can also do this with any empty space at the end of the rows of numbers. Be sure to stitch your own name at the bottom of the sampler as well!

We designed this to fit on our red stripped banding stitched over 2 threads, with 5.75” of stitch space (7” wide) but you can stitch it over one on our 4” red edged banding, or on any piece of linen or aida from your stash. I will show you a couple of different edging stitches you can use to finish it off.

Remember to tag us with #stitchredwithsassyjacks and thank you for stitching with us and sharing your heart this month!