Mary Good 1827 – Sassafras Samplers


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Mary Good 1827

Sassafras Samplers

Stitch count: 301w x 301h

We don’t know much about Mary from history, as her name is a rather common one for her time, but her sampler tells us much about the girl she was in 1827. Mary Good was indeed a very “good” embroideress. Her work, both front and back, speak of diligence and care. The sweet beauty of her sampler reminds us that she was a young girl on the edge of womanhood at the age of fourteen. The verse she chose is from Revelations 2:10 and speaks of reward after a time of tribulation. Mary’s sweet spirit shines through her sampler as one of hard work and hope for her future. At fourteen, Mary’s education was likely coming to a close. One might presume that she entered into service in an affluent household, given her fine skills as an embroideress, and that her hope was indeed rewarded with happiness and relative comfort throughout her days. Let’s celebrate her hope, and remember her that way; Mary Good, a very good embroideress, hopeful and hardworking, sweet spirited and happy. What a beautiful treasure she left us! This chart includes cross stitches and satin stitches.

Many thanks to Nicola Parkman for her meticulous charting of Mary Good and to Jacqueline Morris for her exquisite stitching of the model for us. Just like raising a child, it sometimes takes a village to breathe life back into these beautiful works of centuries old art. We are always grateful to our friends for their help along our journey.