Heaven Is My Hope, The Scarlet Letter


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A beautiful American Quaker Sampler from The Scarlet Letter.

Description from The Scarlet Letter, ”

The title of this unsigned, undated American sampler comes from the verse stitched across the top:

Let no fond love for earth exact a sigh;
No doubts divert my steady steps aside;
Nor let me long to live, nor dread to die
Heav’n is my hope and providence (sic) my guide.

Probably made in one of the mid Atlantic states around the year 1820, this large, unusual sampler displays a pair of Quaker bird-in-branch motifs at the lower left and right. The crenellated castle-like structure at the lower left appears on at least one other sampler we have seen, from the late 1790’s, made in Danvers, MA. A “crop” of Queen stitched strawberries grows between the castle and a humbler house on the right, fronted by a pasture with sheep and a cow. A Greek Key outer border encloses a deeply undulating multifloral inner border worked in a variety of stitches.”

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