Grand Schwalm Crowns – Luzine Happel


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Grand Schwalm Crowns

Luzine Happel

The second volume “Grand Schwalm Crowns”
presents the most grand, the most beautiful and the most elaborate embroideries – 66 in all – and their 100 design variants.

With Schwalm crowns the Schwalm country women “crowned” their splendid Whitework. Usually the name of the owner, and sometimes the year, was also embroidered on the linen.

Crowns are about palm-size, and often the overall shape is that of a half circle containing variants of tree-of-life or triple-shoot designs. They are usually densely ornamented. The many different designs are of extraordinary creativity and show a strong sense of aesthetics. There are crowns with “heavy” as well as filigree elements; some crowns are worked with a single design element only, and others contain all the typical Schwalm crown motifs.