Wool Willi – Jeannette Douglas


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A Most Suitable Name: Button Betty

Jeannette Douglas Designs

88 x 73 36 ct. Pecan Butter by Lakeside Linens

A Most Suitable Name Series. This series came to be as in my travels I had met a very dynamic needlework woman with whom I became fast friends. We decided that we were most suitable friends. And although I wanted it to read a most suitable friend somehow this title for a whole series came out! My sisters name is Willi, this is how we spell it. She is named after our grandmother on my mom’s side – Wilhelmina. At home  we sometimes call my sis Wil not to be confused with my nephew WIlliam whom we call Will too! this grandmother was born in 1900 hence the date. Personalize to your family too. Collect all 8.