Sulky Slimline Thread Storage Box


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These boxes are perfect for storage of AVAS 100/3, Soie Surfine, Soie de Paris, Soie Goblein, or your collection of Sulky Perle #12s.

Give your thread a home with our Slimline Thread Storage Boxes! These boxes are easy to carry, and can even double as wall decor if you want to hang it up in your sewing studio!

Each box holds 104 spools.

With its exclusive, patented, individual lifting tabs, this is the perfect storage box for all of your threads! Beautifully organizes up to 104 Small Sulky Snap-end Spools or other small spools from Gutermann, Mettler or Metrosene. All spools are clearly visible and easily accessible and it weighs only 4 lbs. when filled. Spools won’t fall out no matter whether the box is free standing, partially opened near your machine, or fully opened and hung on a wall. The Original Slimline Thread Storage Box is Made in the USA!

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