ABC Sampler – Jeannette Douglas


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ABC Sampler

Jeannette Douglas

I love typefaces and playing with fonts. I love the way are the same but diverse and the different feel each font gives you. So I combined my love of typefaces with my love of samplers and stitching to create the “ABC Sampler“.  It isa large sampler with the ‘abc’ cross stitched and then 3 bands of lovely specialty stitches grouped into 3 types of smaller samplers. One focuses on just the specialty stitches in the needlepoint group, then blackwork is the focus and lastly is the motif type sampler. It is stitched on a neutral fabric on several different counts, whether you like 32 ct or 35,36 all will look equally well, as well as 40 ct. It uses silk threads and the design size is 8 x 131/3”.