53/63ct. Sycamore Seed Pod 15 x 62 Odd Cut 0909217031


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Gorgeous Linen from Legacy Linen in Sycamore Seed Pod color.  A wonderful color for samplers and pretty much anything you want to put on it!

This is an uneven weave linen with 53 threads per inch in one direction and 63 threads per inch in the other direction.

If you are unsure which direction has the denser thread counts, make an over 2 threads under 2 threads basting stitch in an L shape that covers an inch in each direction.  Take a photo with your phone with a ruler next to your basting stitches in each direction, and count the stitches.

If you have a selvedge edge, the threads running perpendicular to the selvedge will be the denser count.