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Susan Greening Davis Online May 2021

Susan Greening Davis

 At Sassy Jacks Stitchery

Online May  2021

We are super excited to offer you a fabulous online opportunity to take a class with Susan Greening Davis, sponsored by Sassy Jacks Stitchery.  The course material will be available to you online beginning May 1st, also known as MAY DAY!!   via a private YouTube channel.  You can move through the course at your own pace, using the video lessons and your printed instructions.  Susan and Kim will join you by Zoom for a live stitch-in and Q&A.  You will need to have access to YouTube to participate in the course.

You may register for the class here:

Your course fee must be paid in full to be registered for the course.

Course fee for the 2021 May Online Workshop is $175.

It’s time for our second online workshop of 2021 with Susan Greening Davis.

The “half moon” pouch is already made!! The percale is lined with green wool and it closes with zipper.

You will be stitching on three different German bandings.  The verse is taken from a sampler that Susan’s travel group helped purchase for Williamsburg.

Your needle booklet is already sewn, too.  Then the lil’ thread holder for pins, too… four stitching sections, all to accent the sweet pouch.

Sign up now as the kits are very special, AND limited.  And Susan is including one her fabric roll ups (for smalls!!!)

We are so happy to bring Susan Greening Davis back to Sassy Jacks Stitchery this year with another wonderful new project for you.  Susan has long been known in the Needlework Industry for her self-finishing projects and her extensive knowledge of Needlework Tools, Fibers, and “Gadgets”.  She was our first instructor at Sassy Jacks and we consider her to be “fully tenured”!  We hope to have her back every year she can make it.  If you’ve never had a class with Susan, you are in for a treat.

You should watch our video on YouTube we made for it!  You can find that by clicking the link below:

Don’t forget that you must register for this class online at Sassy Jacks.  We cannot take any phone or email registrations, and the workshop is limited to 45 kits.  Please click the link at the top of the page to get registered.

Susan always delivers a fabulous self-finishing project for us and this will be no different…  You will love all the tips and tricks to help you stitch AND FINISH a beautiful piece of unique needlework.

Susan is a very unique Needlework instructor; trained by some of the most talented Needlewomen in the world.  She is a wonderful resource and just flat out fun to stitch with.  I’ve shared some of her bio below for the Newbies.

Susan Greening Davis

Many of you have studied with Susan Greening Davis before, and are familiar with her famous self-finishing kits.  Susan has studied with masters of their stitching craft in locations all over the world, and incorporates her learnings into fun and beautiful projects for her students.  For those of you who are new to Susan’s wonderful creations, I’ve shared a bit of her bio below:

Susan Greening Davis is known as a needle artist/technician.  She has had the pleasure of designing, and teaching, for shop owners, guilds, and events for the last 30 years.  Susan studied her trade in Denmark, England, Germany, Holland, and Italy, as well as with the Danish masters who have visited the United States to instruct.

Susan designs all of her creations – from start to the famous “self-finishing” – she is known for.  She stitches all of her creations as they come from her head, through her heart, and then the needle.  After the correct fabric, fibers, stitches and finishing are completed the design is charted.

Susan received an honor from DMC, an “International Teacher of the Year” award.

She was also selected from an international slate of needle workers to appear on HGTV, to represent the counted thread needlework industry.

Susan co-authored a wonderful book called “Sibbel, A Needleworker’s Journey” in 2015.  The book is acclaimed in the needlework industry as it took a real antique sampler from Holland and detailed the fictional/inspired journey of Sibbel, the young stitcher who actually created the beautiful sampler.   The reader is showered with beautiful images of the needlework and patterns inspired by the sampler, along wonderful vignettes of culture and history from the time period.  Susan is fun and entertaining, while she helps you learn the how and why to become a better stitcher, while fueling your passion for needlework.