Tho Oceans Wide Sampler Freebie

Our favorite local sampler find!  We’re so happy to share it with you, our Stitching Friend.

Please feel free to stitch it in any color choice and ground choice (perforated paper, linen, or aida).  It would be really great if you stitched one for a friend 🙂

Tho Oceans Wide (newsletter) <–click here to download the pattern pdf

“Tho oceans wide between us roar
Tho distant be our lot
Tho should i never see thee more
Dear friend forget me not.”

I found this sampler in a local antique shop called The Screen Door. We were standing in front of an antique drafting table trying to decide if it would fit in our car. In the midst of really wanting this beautiful drafting table for the shop, and waffling over whether we could fit it into the Subaru, I looked to my left and noticed this old tarnished little frame with what looked to be a perforated paper sampler in it. I read the verse and found myself very touched by it. I took it off the wall and turned it over and my heart swelled.

Wow… the original inscription was still there, and on beautiful hand dyed paper. I was in love… for the second time that day (that drafting table was still on my mind). Needless to say, the beautiful little sampler fit in the Subi, along with the fabulous antique drafting table, and both are now at home in Sassy Jacks Stitchery.
The original is stitched on a high count perforated paper, but you can stitch it on the linen or aida of your choice. We noted the colors of the original, but you can change it to suit your fancy.