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Valentine’s Day Small Exchange




I know we are all thinking about Fall, and Pumpkin Spice, and Halloween, and Leaves, and maybe a Snowman or two ?

But I would love to invite you to celebrate VALENTINE’S DAY with us!  That’s right… Valentine’s Day!!!

I know… you HATE Valentine’s Day… or you love it… or you just really want to ignore it.

How about you celebrate it with your Sassy Stitching Sisters and Plum Street Samplers in 2018?  Here’s the skinny:

  1. You must purchase a NEW Plum Street Samplers chart from Sassy Jacks Stitchery.
  2. When you purchase, register your purchase:
  • At the register upon checkout, or
  • If purchased online – via email to Put “Valentine Exchange” in the subject line. And…
  • Tell us the following:
    1. Name of the chart you just purchased (and date if purchased online so that we can find the purchase)
    2. Whether you are stitching on Aida or Linen
    3. Your shipping address, email, and phone number
  1. Stitch AND Finish some portion of your new Plum Street Samplers chart into a small
    1. Small examples (lots of others not listed here): Pin Cushion; Pin Keep; Needle Book; Strawberry; Scissor Keep; Ornament; Thimble Keep; Thread Winder; you get the idea, right?  If you need some finishing ideas… let me know ?
    2. You can use fiber and fabric from your stash.
    3. It can be ANY subject matter you find on your Plum Street Chart (e.g. Halloween, Easter, Sampler, Christmas, Spring, Summer, Patriotic, Fall, Winter… )
    4. Mail your finished small to me at Sassy Jacks no later than January 21st, 2018.
    5. Include a check for $5.00 to cover shipping of a Valentine Small from one of your Sassy Stitching Sisters back to you.

EVERYONE who sends me a finished small will also receive a little surprise gift along with their small ?  You WANT to participate in this one… You really do.  Send me an email or call with any questions.

Below is the Registration Information:

Your Name

Your Mailing Address

Your email

Your Phone No.

Chart Name

Date Purchased

Aida or Linen